Welcome on my site dedicated to games and gaming in general. This site also serves as a guidepost with useful links. If you're interested in board games you should check the page about them with links to community websites, gaming conventions and local gaming stores in Czech Republic.


Have you ever wanted to become a mighty warrior, cunning rogue or powerful mage in a fantasy adventure or join star fleet and become a hero for everyone in galaxy? Than visit the page dedicated to role-playing games (also known as RPG) where you can find useful links and more.

And finally if you're interested in living all those fascinating adventures for real, you should check the part of the website dedicated to live-action role-playing games known as LARPs.

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay.

Board games

Board games are here for thousands of years and they experience quite a boom lately. On this link you'll find more information about games, gaming, reviews and useful links for everything board games associated.

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Role-playing games enables everyone to live adventures from his wildest dreams. You can choose any theme or mood and encounter situations too dangerous or impossible in the real life. Want to play a noble knight and saving princesses? Or maybe a space pirate or secret agent? All checked!

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Live action role-playing is basically trnaslation or RPGs from paper to reality. Let's be honest - who's not interested to take a sword and defeat that dangerous dragon in an epic clash that will people remember for centuries? Here you can find out more.

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